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From FIFA's interpretation of the laws of the game. How was that excessive force? That's the same amount of force used on dozens of tackles every game.

Do you notice how I asked how it was excessive force? And do you notice how nothing in your response talks about excessive force?

It was an unfortunate play. But, just because it looks bad doesn't make it a red. Unless you can show me in the laws of the game a reference to "almost splitting his ankle in half".

He took 3 literally steps, how does that equate to "starts sprinting"? And how do you call that jumping into a tackle?

A player who uses excessive force must be sent off. Perhaps you don't know much about football yet but you should really learn that things like this are red card worthy.

Are you going to ever try to explain how it's excessive force? Perhaps you don't know much about the English language yet. Obviously it was an unfortunate foul.

But not every foul that looks bad is worthy of a red card. It was a routine tackle that happened to end badly. That doesn't make it a red. But in the end it was just bad timing.

Yellow is the right card. Glad he could continue!! Well said from a Dortmund fan. This sub is a joke sometimes with its hive mind.

This was not a clear red but the most important thing is Reus is OK. As a Porto fan I would like to appologize for this horrific tackle which should be a red card, let there be no doubts.

However, I don't believe Varela did it intentionally, he is a winger playing RB who probably made more slide tackles this game than in his whole career.

I think he just wanted to stop Reus from progresing past him and due to his lack of defending tecnique could have seriously injured such a talented player.

Once again, I hope I am apologizing in Varela's and all Porto's supporters' name. To answer the question, it's because talented players are often targeted and it's harder to say it was just a mistimed challenge.

To be fair, he did pretty well this game, considering he probably never spent a second in a defensive position.

Looked like he just left the turf so he wasn't putting all his pressure on it. If he had, def could have been a break.

The only time the ref could have been harsher on us and wasn't. Hummels had a shit tackle against Marega as well and ref felt like it was perfectly fine.

He already missed the world cup 2 years ago. This could have easily ended his season and hope for this year's European championships.

If he gets injured over the next three months and misses another international tournament. Ive never wanted someone to be hurt that badly and Ive never ever said smth like this but I hope after defeating Porto IN Porto that someones recks Valera in the 88th Minute!!

Everyone knows Reus is made of paper and then he goes for a foul like that Varela wont play in Porto, because we will obviously have more than 6 starters.

Varela wont even leave the bench. I would have went to Portugal and killed him if that turned out to be an injury. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Want to add to the discussion? Why does he always get injured: Didn't want to make you pessimistic about this: I had to even begin strapping my ankles before games.

Hopefully Reus recovers from that. That hits him with his foot planted on the floor it's a broken ankle.

Planted foot and that would latest no deposit mobile casino been game fucking over. We literally had no more defenders. Not exactly the real online casino for android but when I was working the scaffold collapsed and I landed on my left ankle, I was fine got up and worked on for another few hours. Der Mittelfeldspieler präsentierte sich unheimlich spielwitzig und stabilisierte mit solidem Zweikampfverhalten das Zentrum. Durch die sehr defensive Grundausrichtung der Gäste hatte Aubameyang aber in der Sturmspitze nicht immer die nötigen Räume. Defensiv ohne Fehl und Tadel, konnte sich Hummels auch offensiv immer wieder einschalten und übernahm bei Ballbesitz die linke Abwehrseite. It was an unfortunate play. Belo Horizonte Tancredo Neves Int'l. Kurz vor Schluss war er sehenswert gegen Suk da, als er gebraucht wurde. Looking at most of his injuries they usually bvb-porto from bad tackles, so it's more to do with wetter schweiz 14 tage prognose then him being fragile. Only selected flights from BVB are shown. Harmonierte mit Nebenmann Reus und erarbeitete sich Torchancen. And do you notice how nothing in your response talks about excessive force? Thanks, I couldn't watch the game and just saw the clip. This way he just rolled his ankle a little.

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Als Alternative zum Abo gibt es für ebenfalls 9,99 Euro allerdings auch ein Tagesticket. Für den Vizemeister wäre das Weiterkommen in der durchschnittlich starken Gruppe kein Ding der Unmöglichkeit. Europa League Nach 1: Doch Felipe lenkt eine Schöpf-Flanke am Kasten vorbei. Galatasaray Istanbul gewann in Gruppe D, in der auch Schalke 04 spielt, 3: ManCity-Profi Sterling "vom Rasen gefoult". Automobilindustrie muss die Hardware-Nachrüstung…. Einen ebenfalls vom Brasilianer Naldo verursachten Handelfmeter in der Und Tuchels Spieler schienen das durchaus ernst zu nehmen, denn es dauerte gerade einmal sechs Minuten, bis ein Torschrei aus Politik Alles bleibt unklar: Naja, jetzt schon 1 Punkte mehr als die gesamte letzten CL-Runde grandios Nachdem sich die Belgier bisher austoben dürfen, ziehen die Gäste nun die Zügel etwas an. Panorama Heftige Überflutungen in North Carolina. Der kehrte ohne jede Testspiel-Praxis ! Wo kann ich Brügge gegen den BVB sehen? Dortmund musste in Porto auf Lukasz Piszczek verzichten, der im Hinspiel noch die wichtige Führung geschossen hatte. Die Dortmunder drängen nun in Richtung Strafraum, ohne dabei wirklich gefährlich zu werden. Nations League Löws Aufgaben: Dabei springt aber nichts heraus. Auch diesmal droht Borussia Dortmund wieder ein saftige Strafe. Klar war das nicht das gelbe vom Ei, was Schalke gespielt hat, aber der Fc Porto fand ja genau so wenig statt.

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